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Storo Brecht

  • Brecht, Ringlaan 17/E
  • 03/3760.760
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  • First floor
  • Door

5 m²

€99 / month

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Choose this unit

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Book your storage space online

Book your Storo storage space easily online in just a few steps. Compare the different rooms, locations and prices to see which box suits you best. Make your choice, optionally add some products and book your box. Then you have immediate access to your storage space!


Gather your supplies

Start packing all your files, furniture, model trains and so much more stuff. Storo has different colored boxes available, to structure your items as well as possible: Well started, half the win!


Instant access

After you have registered, you have immediate access to your storage space. No hassle with keys ... You can find everything in your customer portal. Handing out documents, invoices, access rights and canceling your box. Come by and discover your storage space. Start setting it up as your second home.