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  • What is self-storage?

    Self storage is a simple storage space to store goods that you cannot store at home or at your company. It's a growing market. Storo is a self-storage brand that stores all your belongings neatly and safely. It is easy to use, available online 24/7 and affordable.

  • What are the dimensions of the storage space?

    The dimensions differ per location. You can find the correct dimensions on the information page of the different locations. The storage areas vary from 1m² to 28m².

  • How high are the storage spaces?

    The height of the storage areas differs per location. The exact heights can be found on the information page of the various locations. Be sure to take a look at our website!

  • Are there different types of storage areas?

    There are different types of storage areas. You can choose between a locker and a regular storage space. These vary in size. There are spaces available on the ground floor, which can be reached without stairs or lift. A staircase and lift are provided for the storage areas on the first floor. These spaces are cheaper.

  • What is the temperature of the storage rooms?

    We guarantee a minimum temperature of 12 degrees to optimally protect your goods.

  • Can I keep liquids in my storage area?

    No liquids may be stored that could pose an environmental, fire or health hazard. In our general terms and conditions you can find what you can store.

  • Is there ventilation in the storage areas?

    There is always natural ventilation throughout the building and the storage areas.

  • How do I know which size to use?
    Via the renders on the website you can estimate which space you need, these give a good picture of the space and what fits in it. You can also come by to view the different options. But for this an appointment online or come by during the free moments, you can also call 03 376 07 63.
  • Can I switch rooms when I need more or less space?

    You can switch rooms if you would like to have more or less space over time. Please contact your location for this.

  • How much does a storage space cost?

    The rental price of a storage space depends on the location and the surface. You can find the prices at overview boxes.
    Prices include VAT.

  • Renting a storage space, how do I do that?

    The easiest way to rent storage units is through the website.
    You can contact us if you have any questions. You can call us on 03 376 07 63 and email us at or the email address of your branch.
    You can also make an appointment and come and have a look at us.

  • Can I buy packing materials and moving boxes?

    Are you going to live with your Romeo? Store your extra bedroom at Storo.
    You can purchase moving boxes and packing materials online in the booking process. These goods are placed in the box two working days after the conclusion of your contract. You will have to give permission for this.


  • How can I best pack my goods?

    You can find various tips on how to properly pack your goods on our news page.

  • Is there a minimum rental period?

    The minimum rental period for a storage space is one month.

  • Is there a maximum rental period for the storage units?

    Are you going to Tokyo for a longer period of time for work? Store your belongings safely at Storo.
    There is no maximum rental period. The storage rooms can be rented for as long as desired.

  • Are there any special offers?
    You can enjoy temporary discounts as well as temporary and occasional promotions. Long-term promos are also offered.
    Eg: 10% discount every month.
  • What can I store?

    What you may or may not store can be found in our general terms and conditions on the website.

  • Is there an age limit for renting the storage units?

    You must be 18 years old when renting a space as you must sign a contract.

  • Is electricity available in the storage areas?

    For safety reasons, there is no electricity in the boxes.


  • How do I access the storage rooms?

    You get access to your space via the app and a six-digit code that you can find in the customer portal.

  • I can no longer open my storage rooms, what now?

    Does the app no longer work or has the battery of your mobile phone given up again?
    If the app does not work, we recommend using the keypad.


    Does the keypad no longer work?
    Try with the app!


    Has the power gone out?
    In the event of a power failure, the correct authorities are notified and a solution is sought as soon as possible.


    Still not successful?
    Check whether you are logged in to the app, connected to the Storo WiFi network or your mobile internet. Has your contract already started or has just expired? Is there still a payment outstanding?

    If this is all in order and you cannot enter, please contact Storo's help number. (03 376 07 60)

  • Can / may I give another person access to my storage space?

    You can do this yourself via the customer portal. On the access rights tab you can give someone else access to your storage space. You can also add an end date.

    You can send an invite via the customer portal to the person you would like to give access to. (e-mail address) He will then receive an email and can then access the box in a few steps. This person will see the shared boxes in his app. No automatic access code will be created for this person.

    This pin code can be requested via the email address of your location.
    This happens regularly, for example, with transport companies that do not want to use an application but do want to use an access code. This can also be changed monthly on request.

  • How can I cancel an access right?

    You can do this via the customer portal in the management of your box, you will find this in the section access rights.

    Below you will also find a video of how to do this.


  • When can I access my storage space?

    You have 24/7 access to your storage space with your access code and app.

  • How can I move my belongings to the storage areas?

    There are trolleys that you can borrow to take things from your car to the space.
    Always place it back so that everyone can use it!

  • Can I drive my car to the storage area?

    Some storage areas are accessible by car. You can always drive into the loading and unloading zone to unload your goods.



  • How do I lock my space securely?

    Make sure you close the door properly at all times. In a storage room with a roll-up door, you close the bolt properly.


  • Does Storo check who enters the site?

    Yes. Access control is in place to ensure the safety of the customer.

  • Is there camera surveillance?

    24/7 camera surveillance is provided. Each box is also separately equipped with an alarm.

Contract and payment

  • How much does a storage space cost?

    You decide how much your storage space costs. The price depends on where the storage space is located and its size. You can find exact prices on the website. The price for your storage space includes VAT.

  • Are there any additional costs?

    There are no additional and hidden costs. You only pay the rent and insurance for your storage space.

  • Do I have to pay a deposit?

    You do not pay a deposit for your storage space.

  • Do I have to pay administration and registration costs?

    You register yourself via the website. This makes this completely free and you pay no administration and registration costs. We can hardly charge a fee for something you do yourself, right?

  • When and how do I pay?

    The money will be automatically debited from your account two days before the new rental period. If the payment was not successful, you will receive an email with the invitation to change your payment details in the customer portal.

  • What is included in the price?
    • Indoor and outdoor parking at the location.
    • Using a trolley.
    • Administration costs.
    • Access your storage space.
    • Insurance for goods up to € 2500.
  • What is not included in the price?

    The insurance for goods above € 2500 is not included in the price.

  • Do I have to pay an advance?

    You do not have to pay an advance with us.

  • Do I have to pay a deposit at the end of a rental contract?

    You do not have to pay a deposit when you close your contract.

  • How can I pay?

    You can pay with visa, mastercard and bancontact.
    The funds will be automatically debited from your account 2 days before the start of the new period.

    You can always change your payment details in the customer portal. Make sure these are correct, otherwise you may lose access to your box.

  • What is the cancellation period of my rental contract?

    The notice period must be communicated seven days before the start of a new period.
    This can be done via the customer portal. Make sure that the box is empty at the end of the period. This is checked by a Storo employee. If the box is not empty, the rental is automatically extended.

    For instance. I entered into my contract on August 23. Then I have to cancel before September 16 for the new period that starts on September 23. My box must be empty on September 23.

  • How can I cancel my rental contract?

    You can cancel the rental contract via the customer portal under the tab cancel rent.

  • Invoices are sent by e-mail, can I change my e-mail?

    This can be done by reporting this to the administration. You can do this by emailing or calling the location where you keep your goods.

  • Where can I find my invoices and payments?

    You can find your invoices and payments in the customer portal in the section 'my payments'.
    Watch the video below of where you can find this.

  • Where can I find my contracts?

    You can find your contracts in the customer portal in the management box under the section 'rental contract'.
    Watch the video below of where you can find this.



  • Do I have to insure the goods in the storage area separately?

    Goods with a value of up to 25,000 euros can be insured by Storo. Goods with a value above 25,000 euros must be insured yourself. If you use your own insurance policy for this, you must send a certificate of your insurance to the location where you rent a storage space.

    You can also have these goods insured by Storo itself. Please contact your location for more information and a price proposal.

  • With whom are my goods insured?

    Storo ensures that the goods are insured by Kegels and Van Antwerpen. Because we have several policies, we enjoy an interesting rate. So you too!

  • Where can you find your insurance certificate?

    You can find your insurance certificate in the customer portal under management box under section 'rental contract'.

App and keypad

  • Where can I download the app?

    When booking a box online, you must note your mobile number. You will receive a message with a link to the app. When you open this link you will automatically end up in the app, you only have to put it on your start screen and your app is installed. Log in, you're done!

  • What can I use the app for?

    You use the app to enter the location and your box. You close manually, see that you certainly do not forget this. You can assign other users to enter your box via the customer portal.

  • I don't understand the app, can I also enter without an app?

    Yes, you can enter the location using the keypad. You have to take into account that there is not a keypad at every entrance.

    Inside, there is also a keypad at designated places to open the box. Use the keypad that hangs on the floor of your box.



  • What is a keypad?

    A keypad is a keypad that hangs from the entrance. Entering a six-digit code will open the door or gate.

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