10 m² Unit

unit 10m²/27m³

Use this 10m² box to store your belongings.

You can store, for example: 65 boxes, a seat, a chair, an office chair, a bicycle, a bookcase, ..

This storage space is:

  • 2,70 meters high.
  • Accessible on the first floor with a spacious goods lift. 2 meters wide and 2.45 meters deep!
Carts and pallet trucks are available to easily load and unload your belongings.

Not sure how much space you need? Use our handy space calculator.

Any doubts or questions? Make an appointment with our storage experts or call 03 376 07 60

  • Easy online reservation
  • Monthly terminable
  • Secured and heated
  • Accessible 24/7


Reserve your space

Rent your storage space online   or make an appointment to come by!


Gather your supplies

Structure your belongings and load them neatly in the car. You can buy our handy moving boxes while reserving your storage space!


Instant access

After your contract has been signed, you have immediate access to your storage space via a personal access code or an application on your phone.