Co-working X Self-storage in Brecht

30 June, 2020
By Storo
Co-working X Self-storage in Brecht

Traditional offices are not always practical for high-growth companies. It's easier to work anywhere you want. This way you can make meetings or appointments run more smoothly and you often do not have to stand in traffic unnecessarily long. 

When you have to rent a large desk with a few employees, the costs often increase. Smaller companies often have too many useless square meters of office or storage space in the traditional rental. There they pay more than necessary. 

Regus offers a solution for all office problems, Storo does this for storage.

Co-working with Regus

Regus is a publicly traded company with co-working centers in conveniently located locations around the world. It offers offices and work or meeting rooms where you can spend your working day. You choose whether you rent for a day, a week, a month or a year. You can use the rooms for presentations, conversations, meetings with customers, etc.

Regus Brecht is a flexible workplace in a beautiful location. It is an energy-efficient modern high-rise building with large windows all around, located near the exit of the E19 in Brecht. Thanks to the large windows you get a lot of light, this creates a cozy and pleasant working atmosphere.

Benefits of Regus Brecht:

- Good parking
- Self - Storage facility around the corner
- Unlimited high-speed internet so you're always online
- Fully furnished room, equipped with projection equipment so that you have everything at hand for your meeting

Do you have more questions related to co-working at Regus? Then call Vincent on 0490/56.90.72


Self- Storage at Storo

Storo is next to Regus. Storo is a company that rents out neat and ventilated storage spaces from 1m² to 28m².
Here you can rent a storage space for your webshop, desk, office or any other company...

This is the perfect solution for companies. You rent a workshop to work and store all your equipment next door.

Why choose Storo?

  • Each box is equipped with a separate burglar alarm and there is camera security throughout the site.
  • You can enter the location and your box via an app on your phone.
  • Not quite familiar with your smartphone? Then you can use an access code.
  • You can also grant access rights to staff, transporters...

Why combine the two?

The fact that these companies are located next to each other is only an advantage. Small businesses can work and live flexibly in this way by renting an office from Regus to work or meet in and store their belongings or facilitate their logistics with Storo at the end of the day. The combination of the two ensures that you can meet smaller office and storage needs. Ideal for SMEs and start-ups! Also very interesting for large companies that want to create an office/storage hub in an easily accessible location so that employees limit the time in the car and improve the work-life balance.

Is your business growing? Then you can easily and quickly rent extra office or storage space.

Let us meet to discuss your storage needs!

Call 03 376 07 60 or book your box online!

Rent a storage space

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