08 June, 2020
By Storo

Het aantal startende webshops is de laatste jaren enorm gegroeid. Dit zorgt vaak voor logistieke problemen waaronder plaatstekort.

Wanneer je verkoop enorm toeneemt en er niet meer genoeg plaats is moet er naar een andere oplossing gezocht worden.

Vaak wordt er dan in eerste instantie gezocht naar een KMO-unit.

Maar wat als zo'n KMO unit nu te groot is voor uw behoefte?

Dan is een opslagruimte bij Storo huren de ideale oplossing! Bij ons huur je aantal vierkante meters naargelang je behoefte.

Ideal for webshops

As a webshop you often do not need a lot of space, but it may be that you do not have enough space at home or at your current location.

Storo offers the perfect solution for this. You rent a storage space of a self-chosen size.
This saves you a lot of unnecessary meters compared to when you have to rent a large unit.

What is also very easy is that Storo works with monthly contracts. This means you are not tied to long-term contracts. You can cancel your storage space easily and quickly if your storage needs become smaller.

If your webshop should expand later, that is no problem at all. You can easily change the size to keep growing!

Hand out access rights

An additional advantage of Storo is that you can assign access rights to your box.

You can give colleagues, friends, family, supplier or a customer access to pick up/deliver something from your box.

This way you can sell or exchange goods without having to be there. You choose for how long you want to share the access rights. With one simple click you can cancel the access rights.

Ideal for your webshop!

Extra advantage

You can also use the Bringme Wall at Storo.

Here you can have packages delivered from all suppliers. You can also put a package away for someone.
For example, a customer can pick up your package by means of a QR code. This works easily and efficiently, especially if you partly serve regionally.

Your customer will receive a notification as soon as your package is ready for collection. The package remains safe and protected until he comes to collect it.

Why Storo?

  • Easy to book
  • Available online 24/7
  • Secure site
  • Neat and ventilated storage areas
  • Can be canceled in 1 click
  • Transparent prices

Of course we are not only there for web shops, you can contact us for any commercial - private storage shortage!

Let us meet to discuss your storage needs!

Call 03 376 07 60 or book your box online!


Rent a storage space

Rent a unit

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