Temporary storage

15 July, 2020
By Storo
Temporary storage

Temporary storage

You are planning to move or renovate, you are going abroad,...
They can all be reasons why you temporarily need extra storage space to store your things.
Are you going to live with your partner or are you worried about the status of your furniture after a divorce? They are all different situations with 1 common question: where do you keep all your stuff?

Of course you also prefer that your belongings are safe and dry. You may not be there for months, or a few times a week, so your stuff should be stored in a well-located location.

Storo provides you with a temporary storage space during this period in an easy, worry-free way.


Why you can temporarily store your furniture

You may need temporary storage for many different reasons. For instance:

Relocation or renovation. For example, you may have to store your belongings for a move, but you can also keep your furniture in a temporary storage place during a renovation. This way you won't damage any of your belongings and you have room to carry out your renovations.

Transition period. Your landlord already has a new tenant or your house has already been sold, but you don't have a new place yet. Store all your belongings in a storage room while you stay with friends or family while you search for your new home.

Abroad. Are you going abroad for a longer period of time and do you need a place to store your household effects? Then self-storage is ideal for you. Your belongings will be kept safe and tidy until you return.

Lack of space. Do you have a hobby with a lot of material or just too many clothes and shoes in your wardrobe and you can't get it tidy anymore? Then you can store your things in a storage space at Storo.

The move: hire a moving company & rent your temporary storage space

You can hire a moving company that will place all the items in your box.
Large items cannot fit in a car and instead of driving back and forth 100 times, it is better to work efficiently. A professional moving company will bring your furniture to your new home or storage place and store the items.

Make sure you rent a warehouse that is the right size for your amount of stuff. If your storage space is not large enough, you run the risk of damaging your furniture by cramming them together.

At Storo you can see on the website what fits in which box. This gives you a better idea of ​​how large the ideal storage space should be.

Storage checklist

Make it easy on yourself with a checklist. This way you can go over step by step what you need to store your things neatly.

  • Collect moving boxes or bags to store your things
  • Store your stuff by category. Eg: clothes together, kitchen utensils together,...
  • Sort your stuff in the same boxes
  • Close your boxes well
  • Keep breakable or fragile things in bubble wrap
  • Store your goods in a storage space at Storo

At Storo you can buy moving boxes that you can stack neatly in your box afterwards. These boxes have 3 possible sizes and are of the strongest quality. This way you prevent broken vases and fallen items.

Is temporary storage affordable?

Yes, of course. At Storo you can rent your box in 5 steps and cancel 7 days in advance, from your seat. This way you can avoid endless complex contracts, cancellation costs and fixed rental periods. Let the expertise of customer service guide you in renting the right dimensions.

Advantages of the Storo box:

  • Easy to book
  • Available online and offline 24/7
  • Secure locations
  • Neat and ventilated storage areas
  • Can be canceled in 1 click


Rent a storage space

Rent a unit

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